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The trio includes a set of short resistance bands (3pcs), a set of long resistance bands (3 pcs) & a pair of core sliders.

Both sets of resistance bands provide different levels of resistance for increased intensity during your exercises.

All items are convenient, versatile and take up little space.

All items can be used at home or in the gym.

All items can be used to perform various lower body & upper body movements


Product Details

The core sliders can be used on multiple surfaces- the plastic side works best on carpet, grass or turf & the soft side works best on hard smooth surfaces like hardwood.


Please be advised, the short resistance bands have latex in them and the long resistance bands are 100% latex.


Care Instructions for short resistance bands: You may clean your short fabric resistance bands by hand-washing them in cool water. Be sure to hang/air dry them. DO NOT put these bands in the dryer.

NPF Trio

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